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Ongoing and Additional Projects

Current Wolverine Island in Second Life
Our currently working on the design and construction of a custom virtual campus for the University of Michigan Medical School. It is being built in an online simulated world called Second Life, where users can meet, learn, research, and conduct business in a highly interactive 3D environment.

LMS Tower
A team at the University of Michigan Medical School is working on a revolutionary educational model for teaching medicine. This novel system will require the implementation of a new Learning Management System (LMS). We helped the Michigan team to explain these integrated concepts by creating an animated video and interactive software demonstration.

Reynolds Pictures Website
Thomas Reynolds is a photographer, and printer in Philadelphia. His monumental prints and printing service required a unique and eye-catching website. We created flash animation and image tours to allow his images to be viewed more easily on the web.

Ford Lake
Dr. John T. Lehman at the University of Michigan's department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology works closely with Ford Lake in Ann Arbor, MI. We helped Dr. Lehman to spatially visualize this area by converting sonar data he had collected into a scalable 3D model, complete with a surface map created from satellite imagery.

Andrea Gaydos Landau
Andrea, a returning client (see Jacob Chair), used our services once again for the purpose of visualization during the design process. This time for a fine art installation proposal, we helped her to simulate mirrored surfaces. She was able to cut and arrange the pieces of virtual mirror exactly the way she wanted before investing in any materials.

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