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An image is worth a thousand words, but an interactive 3D application is worth a thousand images. With N Formation Design's 3D marketing tools, your clients will not only get a high-fidelity visual of your product - they will actually be able to explore and manipulate it just as they would in real life. The visual "wow factor" and the engaging nature of this 3D medium make interactive models the new "it" thing for web-based marketing.

Consider the widespread use of video on the web today. A few years ago, video was seen as far too bulky for the web. Slow Internet connections and expensive development made it unpopular for mainstream web marketing. Yet now it is the medium of choice in a variety of online sectors. Many people still consider 3D web applications to have the same problems. In reality, interactive 3D requires even lower bandwidth and production-time than video! We think it is only a matter of time before the use of 3D simulations is widely adopted as well.
There is a hot new trend in product marketing. "Configurators" allow a potential customer to customize a product with many possible parts, features, or preferences. With the click of a button or menu selection, the 3D product model will change accordingly in real-time. Your clients can create their custom product, get a quote, and purchase it all on the same website from the comfort of their home.

Configurators can cut down on business expense by allowing users to answer many of their own questions ("Does it come in green? - How much more for casters on that chair?"). Greatly reduce the risk that customers will be unhappy with their purchase choice.

Product Tours:
By providing customers with animated demonstrations of product use in a simulation, you can be sure that they understand the intended use of the product. Self-guided manipulation of the model can then help the customer to imagine even more possibilities of their own. Product tours provide the customer with a “jumping-off-point” to their product experience. Visit our E-commerce page for more information relating to web-based product tours.

Virtual location tours are also a great marketing tool for vacation and tourist destinations. Travelers can explore an area and get their bearings before being immersed in a new environment..

Corporate Presentations:
3D models are a powerful addition, or even alternative, to traditional presentation mediums. Replace the dull charts and graphs in your PowerPoint presentation with engaging data visualizations. They show static and dynamic information in a way that can be adjusted and navigated on-the-fly. The attention and retention of your audience will be greatly improved.

The rules are still being written for the use of simulation in marketing. If you have any ideas for solutions that we missed, we would love to give them a try. Contact us >>
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