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A simulation can help with sharing discoveries and also with making them. One third of the population primarily uses visual and spatial information for solving problems (L.K.Silverman, 1981). These sorts of thinkers are invaluable to the process of research, and shouldn't be left out of the loop. Our powerful visio-spatial tools allow access to information in an interactive way, allowing researchers to explore elements of their data from a different perspective – often leading to new and exciting insights that otherwise may have been missed.
Data Visualization:
Online databases are an increasingly popular way for researchers to collaborate and share their data. Visualizing database output makes it easier and faster for analysts to recognize trends and patterns. 3D models are great for this type of visualization, online and off. They allow for exploratory data interaction and add another spatial dimension for data display.

The competitive nature of raising capital requires catching a funder's attention and leaving a memorable impression. Our affordable simulations will set a proposal apart from the competition and help people remember the salient details. Not to mention that your willingness to stay abreast of new technology often indicates a greater likelihood of success.

Online Publishing:
With the ability to imbed 3D models into PDF's and PowerPoint presentations, the demand for 3D content in publications is sure to grow. We can develop low-bandwidth models that grab the attention of your audience without sacrificing the quality of your information.

Lab Training:
Equipment isn't cheap. Before handling unfamiliar or complex instruments, it's beneficial to learn about it in a safe environment. Training new employees or interns with virtual equipment means less chance of damage to property or person. Even dangerous and infrequent scenarios can be simulated for extra assurance.

Community Outreach:
Not only is shared research beneficial to the community at large, but it is also a boon to the researcher who shares it. The feedback that is generated from sharing helps to contextualize research and sometimes generates solutions for the next step. Colorful and engaging models are a wonderful way to attract attention and feedback.
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