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The 3D Pendant Configurator

The 3D Pendant Configurator
The Virtual Pendant The Virtual Pendant The Virtual Pendant The Virtual Pendant The Virtual Pendant The Virtual Pendant The Virtual Pendant

Austin & Warburton Jewelers of Ann Arbor, MI wanted a way to increase online sales of their custom pendant products and push the quality and innovation of their web presence beyond that of their competitors.

We designed a set of customized 3d configurators that independently focused on each of the detailed and unique pendants. Users can load one of the three pieces and configure it to their own specifications. Choices include pendant size and several metal types and colors. A wide cariety of gemstones can also be selected and placed in specific locations. Each configuration choice is updated instantly on the 3d model without a page reload.

As 3d was already an integral part of Austin & Warburton's design process, these applications were a great fit. Customers can now rotate and zoom their pendant to view it in any way they choose as well as see what the exact configuration they purchase will look like - a great improvement over the traditional static 2d images! The final project included full integration with the client's existing shopping cart system.
The finished product had an almost immediate effect on the client's online sales as described below by Austin & Warburton's manager and co-owner Craig Warburton:

"It is difficult to describe just how much the product configurator has meant to our online business. Cart abandonment has dropped by 50%, returns for selecting undersized birthstones has all but disappeared and sales have grown 50% faster than I ever imagined possible. The 3D format allows the user to see just how thick and heavy the item is, removing the "cheap and flimsy" fear so much online jewelry formats invoke. The service we received was world class in scope, depth and timing. The seamless integration into our shopping cart software is amazing. In one keystroke, the user can place as many as 10 items into the cart, and we gained control otherwise only provided by written warnings when you established "rules" for application of stone sizes and locations. I always felt our website was superior to many others in our product field, but the configurator you created is the new engine of sales and unmatched by anything in the marketplace. I will call on N Formation Design again and again. The value provided far exceeded my every expectation."

Interested in 3d for your online product sales? Contact us today for more info!

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