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The sky is no limit in contemporary art practice. And artistic simulations provide yet another medium for exploring issues of a global and digital world in a global and digital medium. Our team works with artists to facilitate the realization of complex artistic endeavors. We have experience in Fine Art, understanding how artistic projects come into being from the sketch to the spackle.
Gallery Work:
As a controlled environment, the gallery holds many possibilities. Whether you simply wish to work with the medium of projecting light or to augment the real with the virtual, our bottom-up approach to building a project means that you can control all of the variables that you need to.

Artists today are reaching a global audience through the Internet. While interactive animations have provided them with new possibilities, the medium of the web also presents its challenges. How do people working sculpturally share the dimension of their work online? Our web-based 3D media can achieve this very simply and at a very affordable rate.

Virtual Project Proposals:
Would the famous installation artists Jean Claude and Christo have had such a hard time with the New York City "Gates" Project if they had presented a simulation of it to the City of New York 25 years ago? We believe that an artist's vision of a project cannot always be conveyed through a drawing. Sometimes, an idea requires one extra step between conception and execution. Virtual project proposals have an advantage over animations, because the viewer doesn't feel like they are being told what to look at; they can explore at their leisure. This can sometimes mean the difference between acceptance or rejection of a an idea.

Virtual Reality:
A sculptor or installation artist may have visions of atmospheres, reactive environments, or other structures that are impossible to create in a gallery. Our extensive experience with virtual reality applications ensures that we can deliver virtually anything.
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