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This concept design for a Pocket PC was inspired by a need for mobility. Our 3D visualization allowed for refinements to be made to the design at no additional cost and resulted in an interactive applet that is also a great advertising tool. Find out more >>

Jacob Chair

This project allowed artist Andrea Gaydos Landau to conceptualize and refine a reconfigurable chair without spending the extra time and money that physical prototypes would require. Future additions will include a configurator that allows users to create a custom chair configuration for themselves. Find out more >>

The Flocking Party

The Flocking Party is a multimedia story about a cognitive virus that spreads across every North American bird population and then on to humans. The first-hand account from researcher Frank Landa brings this "Hebbets" virus close to the heart and the hand. Find out more >>

Medical Models

Medical care providers often rely on 2D imaging technologies to diagnose and treat illness in an inherently 3D space &ndash the human body. Our medical solutions take existing 2D data and create high-fidelity, interactive, 3D models of affected anatomy. Doctors can use the extra dimension to gain further insight into the problem or practice a potential solution. Find out more >>

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