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Virtual Operating Room

Virtual OR
2-D layout/menu view bird's-eye view doctor with lights and boom x-ray display area doctor with OR equipment doctor with patient GeoWall OR simulation

This project was initiated at the University of Michigan Medical School (General Surgery Department**) with support from Stryker Corporation, a medical equipment manufacturer. The purpose of the Virtual Operating Room project was to develop software with the ability to dynamically construct and visualize a 3D operating room environment. This environment would then be portable to any virtual reality system (including laptops) where users can manipulate and re-position objects in real-time. Stryker offered the use of their equipment models in the simulation with hopes of using the software as a marketing tool in the future.

A software package was created that allows easy construction of a room, using a CAD-style blueprint interface, and visualizes the plans in full 3D. The object library currently contains the full catalog of Stryker booms, as well as many other pieces of medical equipment, furniture, and people. The software has been used on several laptops, PCs, and stereoscopic 3D systems such as the GeoWall (last image above). Future plans include testing in the fully immersive virtual reality CAVE environment.

By focusing on the needs of our intended user group, we were able to take fundamental principles from generic design programs and present them in a way that met complex functional goals while remaining open and accessible to our novice users.

This user-centered design and object-oriented infrastructure also makes the Virtual Operating Room software a great platform for additional development. The object library can be easily adapted to another company or industry.

**Clinical input and project support provided by Dr. Gauger and Dr. Geiger.

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