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Organelle View

Organelle View
early yeast cell model yeast cell saturated with color organelle localization key organelles showing  proteins full interface sub-localizations rotating cell with logo

Organelle View is a visualization tool that is complementary to Organelle DB, a genetic protein database created by Kumar Lab in the Life Sciences Institute at the University of Michigan. We primarily worked with the lead scientist of the lab, Anuj Kumar. Anuj wanted the database to have a more visual and spatial explanation of protein localization. He also wanted to broaden the database's audience to high schooler students and freshman undergraduates.

We started by creating a model of a yeast cell, the most thoroughly researched organism in the field of genetics. This model shows the different organelle groupings of the yeast cell. When someone searches for a protein Organelle View queries the database, and the corresponding organelle groupings it appears in illuminate with color. Up to four proteins can be shown at once, allowing the user the ability to compare their potential relationships. With Organelle View, students learn about the cell's anatomy and its genetics.

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Organelle View and Organelle DB recently appeared in Science Magazine's NetWatch section (Sept 29, 2006). Anuj also received an NSF grant which included further work on Organelle View. We look forward to continuing our work on Organelle View and complementary projects. The next phase of the project is a searchable yeast cell animation as well as models of other organisms.
development of a yeast cell

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