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Life Sciences
Life Sciences includes the fields of biology, medicine, biotechnology, industrial ecology, among many others. The recent explosion of discoveries in these fields points towards a new industrial revolution. This new revolution will define much of the technology and culture of the coming century. The first industrial revolution required new communication technologies, as does our current information economy. The Life Sciences revolution will be no exception. We believe that the complex theories and data of these industries can be best accommodated by multi-dimensional media.
One of the difficulties of communicating life sciences topics is their scale. At the molecular or cellular level our fingers and eyes are too big and clumsy to effectively "experience". And at the level of ecosystems and the global environment, we are too tiny. The virtual reality of simulations lets us not only shift easily between extreme scales, but also manipulate those worlds and every space in between.

Virtual Patient:
Increase the confidence and abilities of doctors, nurses, and medical students by providing them with a virtual practice patient. Let them try out a new procedure or piece of equipment, or keep their skills sharp with traditional exercises. Best of all, there's no worry of injuring a real person. If something goes wrong, just press the reset button!

Virtual reconstructions of crimes and accidents help investigators to visualize a scene and allow them to adjust variables, such as speed and distance for a car accident or angle of entrance for a homicide, to predict the events leading up to the scene. These high-tech tools have been used at large institutions for years, but are now affordable to any budget range. Forensic simulations are increasingly popular with prosecution and defense teams as well. They provide an engaging way to communicate facts and theories to a jury.

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