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Architects and urban planners face a chicken-and-egg problem. For a building to come to life efficiently and effectively, it must be designed and refined to the highest level of detail before any construction begins. However, many important aspects of form and function are incredibly difficult to assess without actually experiencing them. Are all exits visible from the security desk? Can I reach all of the counter-tops when standing at the stove? How will my view change as the foliage grows? A seasoned veteran with a good imagination may be able to answer these questions for themselves, but communicating the vision to novice clients is a another story.

3D simulations allow developers to share their plans with a realism that can be easily identified with by non-experts. Clients can experience the design rather than just seeing it. In addition to aesthetic improvements, this more immersive medium can expose flaws in visibility and accessibility – traits that are easily hidden in 2D drawings. The interactive piece of a simulation adds the ability to dynamically change characteristics of the design on-demand. Show clients the implications of these changes by raising ceilings, lowering tree heights, moving whole buildings, etc., in real-time as they watch. Expose these problems as soon as possible to save a great deal of time and money in the construction phase.
Virtual Tours:
Animated walk-throughs and 360 degree panoramic views are becoming increasingly popular as web-based virtual tours. These solutions are a great step up from traditional photos but still lack the control that clients desire. Interactive simulations allow users to explore an environment at their own pace. They can follow a pre-determined path through a virtual building site, yet still have the freedom to choose their own way through.

Environmental Simulations:
Architects and urban planners often encounter environmental variables that can affect their designs. Elements such as lighting, shadows, noise, and air flow are difficult to capture in real-life and often require the use of complex mathematical equations to determine their impact. Interactive simulations enhance the client's ability to assess the effects of these variables in an easy to understand visual format.

Whether it's a single room or an entire city, N Formation Design's interactive simulations can accommodate your needs. Our applications go from low-overhead web-based applets to full-scale immersive virtual reality environments. We will work with you to determine which of the array of effective solutions best fits your project.

3D simulation is an exciting and rapidly changing field. As new developments in visual display technology emerge, we will continue to add them to our repertoire. If you have any ideas that aren't found on this site, we would love for you to contact us for further discussion.
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