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Pop-up Guide to the Please Touch Museum

Pop-up Guide
3D Pop-up Book 3D Pop-up Book 3D Pop-up Book 3D Pop-up Book 3D Pop-up Book 3D Pop-up Book 3D Pop-up Book

Please Touch Museum™ of Philadelphia is a place where children learn through play. Located in downtown Philadelphia, The museum has been a destination for families for over 30 years. With a great website already in place, they were interested in an interactive enhancement that would reflect the ideals of the museum by providing their cyber-visitors a place to learn and play as well.

We came up with the idea of creating a 3D virtual pop-up book with pop-up versions of the museum's exhibits. Combining the elements of learning, play, and interactive 3D, it seemed like a natural solution. A real paper pop-up catalog would be much more expensive to produce and not every visitor would be able to buy one. But on the web, almost anyone can play. The museum loved the idea of our low-cost and accessible solution.

The Please Touch™ Museum's new Pop-up Guide is accessible to the wide audience of the web, cost them less than a brochure, and incorporates the key philosophies of learning and play.

Pop-up Guide >>
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