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Educators today face the challenge of teaching a distracted generation. With competition like television, the Internet, video games, and cellphones, teachers need all the help they can get. That's where we come in. Our work is dedicated to leveraging the power of these pervasive technologies for the betterment of education.

All of our projects are grounded in fundamental principles of education and cognitive psychology. This foundation combines with explosive 3D graphics and dynamic interaction to create an engaging multimedia application that moves beyond the “wow-factor” to focus on the actual learning experience.
Learning Simulations:
Simulations are 3D interactive virtual objects or environments that allow students to explore information in a dynamic way. Instead of just showing students pictures of an African village, let them also become a virtual member by exploring a simulated community. The flexibility to choose what interests them and take the time they need to process the information will greatly improve retention and comprehension.

Covering math, physics, biology, history, music, and many more - the possibilities for learning simulations are virtually endless!

Online Curriculums:
With recent improvements in web-based technology, our simulations are now accessible to students at home as well as in the classroom. Teachers can give homework assignments that enhance classroom lessons while providing a fun and challenging experience that students will look forward to.

When given the choice between television and a textbook, most kids prefer Captain Couch Potato. But you can defeat the Captain with simulation savvy.

Teaching Tools:
We don't want to reinvent the wheel. Teachers are fantastic storytellers. Interactive models are one more hi-tech tool for their bag of tricks. They can be easier and more flexible than chalkboard drawings or textbook illustrations. Furthermore, we can create a custom model specific to any lesson plan.

Virtual Field-trips:
We still think that students should visit places like the museum and the zoo, but let us take them where no school bus can. We can tunnel to the epicenter of an earthquake, shrink inside a mitochondria, or fly to the surface of the sun. Time, distance, and danger are no obstacle for our virtual visits!

Consistency is an important consideration when making decisions about a curriculum. Designing a set of teaching tools must be a holistic endeavor. At N Formation, we are capable and comfortable working with teachers, students, and parents to create effective education packages.
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