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Interactive Rich Media
Information technology provides a world of opportunities for experiential learning. Whether a customer is wondering about a product or a student needs to interact with a difficult concept, N Formation provides engaging opportunities for sharing knowledge. By using rich media that is informed by aesthetics and usability, our projects turn the wow-factor of 3-D and interactive animation into more than just entertainment.
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Virtual OR Engaging Visual Design
In an increasingly visual culture the quality of visual experiences becomes a valuable commodity. N Formation prides itself on a process that is informed by usability, environmental aesthetics, and information design. We believe that aesthetics is not separate from the way that humans navigate information. The delicate balance between legibility and mystery is our key to engaging end users.
User Centered
N Formation believes that a changing culture requires up-to-date practices. That is why we conduct user testing and research to insure that the software solution is tailored to your audience. We conduct our user studies with an eye on psychology, where user interviews are conducted alongside market research. This ensures humanistic interpretations of the data, producing better relationships with your clients.
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The Flocking Party A Balance between Price and Complexity
Last but not least, our design process is project-driven. As a small company, we strive to remain flexible by gaining a variety of experiences. Each of our clients is a new creative endeavor. If you are wondering if N Formation is right for your software needs, the best thing to do is try us. Not only is it fun to work with us, we also seek to balance price and complexity through elegant and robust solutions. We're confident that we'll find the right solution for you.
-The N Formation Team
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